The power of the mind.

Since I was a kid I have been always passionate about the mind and specially human behavior.

I remember it was my personal hobby to anticipate what my friends , family , and even strangers were going to do or say and most of the time I was right.

Of course I wouldn’t recommend this as a healthy hobby ,  this brought me to disconnect with myself since I was too interested to figure out why people were behaving like they were doing and not owning my present moment.

If you ask me why , I would say , who knows. Maybe ,  I was just trying to escape from my own reality and trying to anticipate any upcoming pain to my life.

Year by year this habit only got bigger.. It was something I couldn’t stop, to the point that I had created my own world in my mind and i felt a total stranger from reality.

Adults for me were only robots , regardless the pain or harm they were doing to themselves there was nothing they could do to stop it.

Religion was totally pointless for me , I never understood how so many people could believe in something without having a reasonable explanation about God.

Love , why would someone would risk themselves knowing that most likely there was going to be pain in the future.

Life,  was a place were you come to suffer , grind and fight, but always knowing this is a fight you cant win.

But then I understood something :

That’s Life!

“There is no such a thing as darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. And cold is the absence of heat. As hate is the absence of love”

We are here in this world not only to suffer but to live.

Whenever you feel lonely , sad or hopeless embrace it with all your heart.

That’s where you are AT THIS MOMENT ! But its up to you to get out of there or not.

If you are in a position of you life were you know you are not longer happy but you don’t know what to do I would recommend you this :

Find a quiet place , grab a chair take a few deep breaths and relax.

Clear your mind , me I like to think about me facing a BIG WHITE WALL where there is nothing else but us.

Think about where you are at this moment and why you are not happy. Then I want you to think what can be done to be happy and most important I want you to picture yourself being happy.

For example , If you are in a job that you don’t like anymore. I want you to think why you don’t like this job and to picture yourself doing whatever would make you happy at this moment.

Forget about the money , the rent , your friends or your career.

Don’t think about anybody else BUT YOU!!

For example, lets say you are doubting to break up with you boyfriend don’t think about hurting his feelings ,about his family , your future etcetera.

The key about this exercise is to make your unconscious to tell you what you really want and then you would find the way to make it happen in reality.

Im not religious person but when Jesus said :

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

He was totally right. The main difference between us and kids is their ability to dream .

For instance when I was a kid a wanted to a be a professional football player.

That was my dream but unconsciously I never believed I was going to make it.


Because as I was growing up I started listening to the voices in my head saying :

You are not good enough.

You will not make it , start doing something useful with your life.

What makes you think you are different from other kids ?

And then I lost my spark .

Now what I’m trying to ask you here is to silence all those voices in your head  like:

How are you going to pay the rent? What is your mom going to say about that? What if you don’t make enough money? What if you fail and you have to go back to your previous job?

I think our biggest mistake is to think we have time. Sorry to tell you but we don’t have time , If you don’t do anything to be happy today you will not be happy tomorrow.

Every day you spend in that wrong relationship , wrong job , wrong country you are wasting your opportunity to be where you are really suppose to be.

This is because the mind is powerfull enough to paralize you if you let it.

The mind is just trying to protect your from pain and failure.

Mind is like that mom that doesn’t let you go out on Friday night because something bad might happen to you.

And there is truth on that , getting out of your comfort zone might hurt you , there is failure , pain and loneliness but I’m telling you is totally worth it.











Success is it for everybody?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are getting so much out of life and others seems to be just passing by…

To my point of view , nowadays a successful person will be someone who wins at these different levels :

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness

Now , it is easy to say it but not to practice it.

I’m a strong believer we all start from the same starting point , zero , which means we have to develop different skills in order to be specials or to stand out from the rest.

But not everybody is lucky enough to develop those skills at an early age, and some people they don’t even have the chance to learn those skills.

But I have a secret for you :

What if I tell you , you do have a choice , you can stop being who you are today and rebuild yourself forever.

It is your life , you don’t get to live more than once , so I hope you will decide to be the best version of yourself.

Dont stop growing , get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and you will look at life totally different.

Recently I just finished one of the best books I have ever read

“Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Arnold was born in Austria and came from a very poor family.

But when you have determination nothing can stop you.

  • Mr. Universe at 21 years old.
  • Moves to United States with 20 dollars in his pocket at 21 years old.
  • Multimillionaire and greatest bodybuilder in history at 26 years old.
  • Years later became greatest movie actor
  • Governor of California at 46 years old.


My favorite quote of this books is :

“For me life is continously being hungry . The meaning of life is not to exist but to move ahead , to go , to achieve, to conquer”


Never stop evolving.


Why reborn from ashes?

As human beings unfortunately we can’t decide many things involving our lives.

We can not decide :

  • Ethnicity.
  • Gender
  • Social class.
  • Family.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Country
  • Time of birth

Just to mention a few.

But what if ….

What if you were not lucky enough to be born in a nice family?

What if you were not lucky enough to have a fast metabolism to keep you in good shape?

What if you were born in a religious country , where you are not happy ?

What if you weren’t taught all those social skills that you need in order to be “popular” nowdays

Dont worry , Im here to tell you something..


We will reborn from the ashes like a phoenix and together we will write our own story.



Im an immigrant living in Canada.

I was born in a third world country.

I was born in a dysfunctional family.

I dont have many close friends.

I dont have the perfect body.

I dont have the perfect job.

I dont have the perfect life.


But im addicted to something, Im addicted to self development.

Everyday im evolving , every morning im rising from bed smarter , with more confidence and one day closer to be the best version of myself.

In this blog I will be sharing with you books , tips , advice and experiences of my own journey.